This morning I opened a Swedish newspaper for the first time in six months, and was greeted with this:
Earlier this year, Sweden sent 3.3 kilograms of plutonium to USA, confidentially of course.
The minister of foreign affairs claims that the US promised to not use the plutonium for military purposes, though there is nothing in the “contract” which says they have to keep their promise.
Sweden has no control over what happens to the plutonium, and probably will not even find out where it goes.

200 years of peace my arse.

Five days from now political leaders in St. Petersburg are voting on a law which will criminalise such acts as publishing an article, writing a book or speaking in public about being lesbian, gay or transgender.

There is still time to sign the petition to take a stance against these attempts to strip countless Russian people of their human rights.

Please, all you have to do is click.